ATN PVS14-3 Generation 3 Night Vision Monocular w/ Free S&H

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ATN PVS14-3 Generation 3 Night Vision Monocular Product Info

ATN PVS14-3 Night Vision Monocular Generation 3 / 3A Select Alpha is designed for the most demanding of night time applications. Based on Night Vision units used by the U.S. military, the ATN PVS14-3 Generation 3 Night Vision Monocular features the most advanced Gen 3 image intensifier tube with a variable gain control to achieve the highest quality image resolution for varying light conditions. The extremely lightweight and versatile ATN PVS14-3 Night Vision Monocular 3A Select Alpha can be head-mounted, handheld or camera adapted. The ATN PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular comes factory new, backed by a 2-year warranty and is the ideal 3rd Generation night vision device for all day or all night applications.

ATN NVMPPVS14301: PVS14-3 (1AA) Night Vision Monocular

ATN NVMPPVS143P: PVS14-3P 1AA Night Vision Monocular Gen 3P 64-72 lp/mm NVMPPVS143P

Specifications for ATN PVS14-3 PVS14-3A Night Vision Monocular Gen 3 / Gen 3 Select Alpha 64-72:

Generation: 3 (PVS14-3), 3A Select Alpha (PVS14-3A)
Resolution: 64 (PVS14-3), 64-72 lp/mm (PVS14-3A)
Brightness Gain: Adjustable from 25 to more than 3000 fL/fL
Magnification: 1x
Field of View: 40°
Objective Lens: f/1.2
Eyepiece Lens: EFL 26 mm
Diopter Adjustment: +4 to -6
Range of Focus: 25cm to infinity
Voltage Required: 2.7 - 3.0 Volts
Battery Type: 2 AA size model or One (1) AA size model available
Battery Life: Approx. 50 hrs at room temp (w/ Two AA batteries)
Weight: 13.8oz (392 grams)
Dimensions: 4.5in (L) x 2in (W) x 2.25in (H)
Operating Temperature: -51°C to +49° C
Storage Temperature: -51°C to +49° C

Features of ATN PVS14-3/A Night Vision Monocular Gen 3:

  • Multifunctional: Hand-held or head-mounted as single eye goggle
  • Variable Gain Control for enhanced performance in altering light conditions
  • Camera and video adaptable
  • 2 Year Warranty

Package Contents:

  • ATN PVS14-3 / PVS14-3A Night Vision Monocular Generation 3
    • Head Mount Assembly - Allows for hands-free operation
    • Brow Pads - Changeable pads for secure head mount fit
    • Helmet/Head Mount Adapter -Allows the user to position the monocular in front of either eye
    • Eye Cup - Prevents the emission of stray light or facial reflections
    • System Soft Carrying Case -Provides convenient storage of NQ PVS-14 and accessories
    • Unit Soft Carrying Case - Provides convenient storage of NQ PVS-14
    • Shoulder Strap - Attaches to the NQ PVS-14 carrying case for easy portability
    • Lens Paper - Used to lightly clean the objective and eyepiece glass surfaces
    • Day Light Filter - Filters excessive light and protects objective lens from the elements
    • Diopter Lens Cap - Protects diopter lens from the elements
    • Operator's Manual - Instructional users guide

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